Travels in Asia, Macao, Thailand and Philippines


What’s the latest in Asian travel? A PhocusWright study reveals that the Asia Pacific Travel Industry is booming despite economic slowdowns with its market rising to 4% year-over-year up to US$340.4 billion (2014), which comprises 30% of the global travel and tourism market.

Great news, isn’t it? But to understand this rise in the tourism sector better, it’ll be objective to discuss traveling in Asia to determine key tourism drivers in the region. And in today’s post, let’s highlight travel in Macao, Thailand and the Philippines for a start.

Macau Travel


Visiting this country, you should explore the Ruins of St. Paul, one of its most visited attractions that was built in the 17th century but was fire ruined in 1835. Nevertheless, you can still witness its jaw-dropping façade and design.

When done, go and explore the Senado Square, an urban center famous for celebrations and its Portuguese-inspired-and-designed mosaic stones.

And of course, if you have the gambling flare in you, your travel won’t be completed without hitting the Venetian Macau, the world’s best casino, which boasts an exquisite combination of amenities, attractions, facilities and gaming machines. It’s also a shopping haven with more than 35 shops.

Philippine Travel

Our recommended Philippine beach

Chill out and relax in the majestic islands of the country.  On that note, go ahead and explore its key attraction, Palawan, particularly the Bacuit Bay. It’s a forest beach town on the northern portion of the island.  Here, you can explore nearby islets through a boat-hopping tour and witness a diverse marine life through the clear waters, where fish and marine creatures dart the corals, which are only a few meters deep.

Boracay, the Philippines party island, is another place to visit. It is voted #1 beach in Asia, boasting its long white sand coastlines, wide range of accommodations, diverse water sports, abundant nature and 24/7 happy hours.  Its most famous beaches – the Bulabog and White Beach – attract thousands of guests year after year.

Complete your Philippine tour by chilling out with nature – Bohol Island! It’s famous for its Chocolate Hills that feature more than 1,500 mounds, which are formed by the erosion of coral deposits. Finally, get up close and personal to its most lovable resident- the tarsier, Tarsius syrichta, which is a peculiarly small primate – actually the smallest having a size no larger than a man’s hand.

Thailand Travel

Thailand's famous temples

Spectacular scenery, sumptuous dishes and rich history – these are a few reasons to visit when you’re in an Asian tour. During your stay in the city, you can explore the streets of Bangkok for shopping and enjoy a nightlife that no other places can offer.

When in the city, don’t forget including the Grand Palace in your itinerary, if you’re interested getting a glimpse of the country’s rich culture and history.  The Palace’s walled-in complex is popular for its halls, pavilions and Wats in which the most memorable is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Discover Mu KO Chang National Park, along with more than 50 islands in which a day to spend won’t be enough to enjoy it to the fullest.  Nevertheless, you will be amazed of its grandeur – lush jungles and steep peaks if you’re an adventurer and White Sand Beach if you love spending a great time in the premium diving/snorkeling sites and discovering a vast range of waterfalls.

On the other hand is the Rai Leh, or Railay, a rock climbing spot in the Krabi Province. Get there by boat and trek in more than 700 rock-climbing routes, its most famous draw, along with a series of caves and long shorelines.

Take an Asian Casino Tour

Poipet live casino strip

Seal your Asian tour with a visit to the casinos in Poipet, a bordering town with Thailand. It attracts foreigners, in particular to the Thais that cannot gamble in their country where gambling is prohibited.  Players enjoy slots, baccarat, roulette and poker and experience a Vegas-like playing atmosphere – fun-filled, festive mood and loads of gaming machines and large venues.

Now if you’re unable to visit a casino, you should not worry because you can access some of them through their online casino version. A few of these include the Holiday Palace, Grand Diamond City and Star Vegas Casino.

Summing up, Asia travel has loads in store for every kind of travel (history, food, water sports, architecture, sightseeing, rock-climbing and so on) you’re looking for– and a bonus, it’s also a destination you’ll love for its world-famous casinos, like the Venetian in Macao or the Holiday Palace in Poipet.


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Travels in Asia, Macao, Thailand and Philippines
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