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Gclubgames/ เล่นรูเล็ต บน/ คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ ได้แล้วที่ จีคลับ

This casino game has its roots back in France in the 18th century. Today it’s still one of the most prominent casino games worldwide with various versions.  Sticking with tradition we offer our roulette in a true French Monte Carlo style with a single zero! We believe in tradition and fair play and we believe this rules set gives everyone the best chance.  Our online roulette is played via a live video feed to ensure fairness. We do not believe in automated programs in which the system could be rigged against our players. So rest assures everything is as you see it live!


The details

The rules are same as any reputable casinos;

  • Bet a place at beginning of the game during the countdown
  • Once all the bets are place and the countdown has finished, the dealer with throw
  • Once the result has been settled dealer will input the result into the players’ screen. (In the case that a result cannot be settled, the dealer will re-throw.)
  • Winnings will be calculated and distributed based on the result of the throw

The game’s details

Our game’s policy and environment are that of a real casino. Most of all we are committed to giving the players a transparent and fair gambling experience, whiles promoting responsible gambling.

  • The game is played via live video feed with close up view of the roulette and another on the dealer. This provides full transparency to the players’ whiles offering authentic experience.
  • In the event where a clear or fair result can be obtained the dealer will stop the wheel, place the ball back to the last result be then re-throw. This includes (but not limiting to);a) If the ball flies out of the wheel (AKA flying ball)
    b) If the balls lands on a numbered pocket in three spins or less
    c) if wheel keep spinning without the ball landing
    d) If the wheels stops inadvertently stop by the dealer
  • If the result received by the electronic system differs to the actual result all the game’s result and payoffs will be based on the real result as seen on the live feed.
  • Should the live feed video experience interruption or network issue during play then;a) The result we be counted if the ball has already landed before the interruption
    b) The wheel will be stopped and the re-throw if video interruption occurs before the ball has landed.
  • If for any reason a stoppage and maintenance is required all before a game result all bets to be returned to players.

All the game’s results record are available for your reference. The records are of the actual game result which may not match the electronic automatic system.

Bet types & odds

Straight up Payout odds 1:35
Betting on a the exact number, including 0
Split bet Payout odds 1:17
Betting on two numbers on a single bet by placing on the diving line between the two numbers.
Street bet Payout odds 1:11
Betting on three numbers at once by placing the chips on the inner left boundary of that row of three numbers.
Triple bet Payout odds 1:11
Betting on three numbers area by placing the chips around that area
Corner bet Payout odds 1:8
Betting on four numbers by placing the chips on the corner where the four number meets such as 11,12,14 and 15 corner
Four bet Payout odds 1:8
Betting on four numbers 0,1,2 and 3 by placing the chips on the inner left of the boundary line between 0 and 1
Line bet Payout odds 1:5
Betting on six numbers on two streets bet by placing the chips on the line between the two street row.
Dozen bet Payout odds 1:2
Betting on 12 numbers by placing the chips on the dozen boxes name “1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12” below the numbers area.
Column bet Payout odds 1:2
Betting on 12 numbers by placing the chips on the column bet boxes to the right of the table next to the numbers named “1st, 2nd, 3rd”
Red / Black Payout odds 1:1
Betting on colours by placing the chip on the red or black box at center bottom of the table
Odd / Even Payout odds 1:1
Betting on odd or even numbers by placing the chips on the respective boxes at the bottom of the table.
Low / High Payout odds 1:1
Betting on the low or high numbers value by placing the chips on the boxes below. Low number bet is 1-18 box and high is 19-36 box.
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