How to play



It’s easy to join in the casino fun with Gclub. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be playing out games in minutes. Our games are accessible via many methods to suit you such as windows PC, web browser and mobile app available in both iOS and Android.


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To start playing Gclub online casino games first register an account with us. Simply call 02-026-9390 or 02-026-9391 to get started. Alternatively you can contact us via Line ID @bacc1688. After you we finish setting up your account you will receive your login details within 5 minutes.


Once you receive your login details you use our Gclub portal to login your Gclub account using Internet Explorer 7 or above. You can find the Gclub portal below


Alternatively you can download and install the game app on your windows PC or on your mobile devices.


Choose a game


Once you login you can browse and select games from our library.  We have all the online casino favorites such as Baccarat, Roulette and many various slot games. Once you found the game you’re looking for just start playing and enjoy. Find our games portal below to find out more!