French Roulette


French Roulette

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If your hands suck at poker or blackjack, you might want to try Roulette slots online, a notch easier game at the casinos. You would find a friend in the game on which you can win big money by learning about these simple gameplay rules.

  • On the game table, you have plenty of betting options. Bet on a color – red or black, or on a Number (1-36). You can also bet on a number range (1-18, 19-36) or on an Even/Odd number.
  • In the History section, find a record of the last 10 rounds you’ve played.
  • In the Min Bet and Max Bet section, find the minimum bet and maximum bet to select and wager. The game will begin after 30 seconds!
  • Each button has its function. “Bet unit” lets you choose the bet unit, not the bet area; “Confirm bet” confirms your current bets; “Cancel Bet” clears all current bets; “Clear One” clears the last hand bet; and “Rebet” repeat your last round’s bet.
French Roulette
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